Our Second, a Mare

Died in 2010

Raquelle du Penumbra

Born in Utah 2005


Sire: Remmelt 323

Dam:  Vrowke van de Pluum

Raquelle du Penumbra.

Raquelle’s foaling year was 2005 (Remmelt 323 http://shamanscircleranch.com/shamans) by Vrowke van d’Plum/).  She has the classic Baroque look of heavy feathering and mane, large feet, and massive appearance.   Her movement at the trot is breathtaking, showing the valued high-stepping “moment of suspension” that we look for.  Raquelle comes from a line of numerous model and preferent dams .    As of May 2009, Raquelle stands 16.1 hh. 

All of our Friesians are “people horses”, but Raquelle stands out for her sweet temperament, easy handling, and quickness to learn.  She is started on ground-driving and in harness and as 2009 progresses (and the foal matures), her training will resume in both driving and under saddle.  We do not plan to breed her back this year as we want to concentrate on training and conditioning, and getting her ready for her keuring in September, where we expect her to earn “Star”. 

Raquelle’s first foal, out of Feike 395 (www.royalcarouselfriesians.com) was born May 27’th 2009.   At 16.3 hh, Feike is the tallest of the approved stallions.  

We have an outstanding foal.  (Of course we do!)

Raquelle Died 2010